Who are we ?

loTab is a company in the 4th Industrial revolution. After steam, coal, electricity, gas, and oil, we are now at a historical turning point. The connectivity of things, Big Data, and The Cloud are at the heart of the digital revolution.

loTab is a Quebec company that specializes in the Internet of things’ resale and distribution. We believe that today, it is no longer enough to have the right product at a good price, but also to have the right product for your needs. Therefore, we act as a consultant and partner to offer you the best solution for your company. Integrating new technology in the workplace is not always a simple task and we stay by your side during the implementation phase and for ongoing education.

Our partners

Inexo Technologies offre une large gamme de solutions informatiques fiables, performantes et sécuritaires pour les PME. Elle s’occupe de l’intégration personnalisé des plate-formes.

MR concept mobile workshop sells and installs electronic products, alarm systems, tracking systems, and remote starters. They take care of specialized projects like extracting information from PTOs and other external activities for your vehicles.

Leading the vehicle fleet software solutions industry for over 30 years!