Do you think that the energy consumption bill for your your building is fixed and cannot be reduced? Contact us, you could be surprised!

  • Data collection in real-time

  • Data analysis

  • Automatic alerts for problematic situations

  • Building security

  • Food waste reduction


Extend your equipment’s life span and employees’ comfort while reducing your energy expenses!

  • Restaurants

    • Analyze water and gas usage
    • Reduce inventory losses
    • Improve employees and clients’ comfort
  • Retail

    • Efficiently control your ventilation unit
    • Extend your equipment’s life span
    • Reduce your energy consumption
  • Grocery Stores

    • Measure energy sources
    • Improve customers’ experience

How does it work?

  • A device is installed in the desired location.

    No matter which type of energy source you want to measure, we will find a way to get the necessary data.


  • The information is sent and analyzed using graphs and reports.


  • You can now take the necessary steps to reduce your expenses, or simply automate certain processes to get a return on your investment.


Why choose IoTab?

Unfortunately, the perfect product that meets all your needs does not exist. With loTab, you can choose among the market’s best performing products and conveniently bundle them into one payment. Also, we help you familiarize yourself with these new products.